Thank you for interest in the EPI-NO Childbirth Trainer

EPI-NO is clinically proven to significantly increase the chances of an intact perineum, reduce episiotomy, and is safe to use.

EPI-NO is a dual purpose CE approved medical device designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles from early in pregnancy, and again postpartum. The perineal stretching exercises commence concurrently after Week 36.

EPI-NO Childbirth Training has been accepted in Australia for over 15 years  as an effective preparation for women choosing a natural vaginal birth.

EPI-NO is available for purchase online via this website and is also available in selected pharmacies.

You can read more information on our website, using the links to the right. EPI-NO Patient Brochures can be requested for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore using the form below. Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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“The human body performs to maximum efficiency in any physical activity when correctly trained and prepared. Childbirth is no exception” 

Dr Wilhelm Horkel, Starnberg Germany
EPI-NO inventor