EPI-NO Childbirth Trainer

$194.00 AUD

The EPI-NO Delphine Plus is designed as a natural childbirth training device to prepare the perineum for normal vaginal birth. It is also a pelvic floor muscle trainer used during pregnancy, and again following the birth.

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EPI-NO Delphine Plus was developed in Germany by an obstetrician, and midwives, as a Childbirth and Pelvic Floor Trainer used to prepare the perineum, and reduce the risk of tears, and episiotomy during a vaginal birth. Clinical studies have shown a link between perineal injuries during childbirth, the risk of incontinence, and sexual health. EPI-NO offers women considering Caesarean Section another option.

EPI-NO can be used during pregnancy to strengthen the Pelvic Floor Muscles (exercising) prior to commencing Childbirth Training (preparing the perineum) after Week 36.

EPI-NO is clinically proven to significantly increase the chances of an intact perineum, increases control during delivery, and is more effective than perineal massage.

ARTG Number 121875